Any new building going up these days begins with concrete, there’s no way to get around it. Which makes it the most widely used building product in existent and will be for years to come. As a concrete contractor, who could ask for anything else? However it’s easier said than done to actually produce what’s required. With that said the contractor faces many challenges. Such as obtaining quality employees with a skilled labor shortage in the market and trying to hold knowledgeable and talented individuals. Because in the end, it’s not the brand new company trucks or power trowels which swing the hammer, set grade, or read and interpret the project documents. Our employees can work long hours and grueling ones at that. And even when exceptional pay and benefits are offered, it’s still not enough for everybody.

Then there are the challenges of making money and maintaining profits. As a business we have a responsibility to our people and their families, our customers and their projects. With them we have to operate with integrity, safety and care to succeed or in other words, to stay in business. As we’re not perfect, we are a good company to work with. Our people care and try their hardest to assure our builders and their customer’s satisfaction. So as we wrap up our last project of the year and look back at 2013; it’s been a successful year and we would like to thank our employees, their families and our customers. Without you none of it would be possible!